Hello World!

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post on my freshly made website. I’m not exactly an overly computer savvy person so I have been slowly working away at this website until it got to a state I was pleased with. I want this website to be a place for all my friends and family to stay updated and involved in what I’m doing in Melbourne. I also wouldn’t mind if new friends, co-workers, and collegues checked out the site as well.

So its just after Christmas, my room is in a state of constant disaster: half packed, half un-packed and I have just over 30 days left until I move to Australia. I’m really excited to go, and I can’t wait to start learning everything! But I’m also a bit nervous about leaving my whole life behind.

Welcome to my site, welcome to my life… and I would be thrilled if you left a comment or a question πŸ™‚

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