First week of vet school!

I’ve just come back from my first week of DVM, granted it was an animal handling course so no studious lectures yet. About half of us enrolled in DVM drove 3 hours away to Dookie campus to stay in dorms and learn about livestock handling.

We were divided into groups and on the first day I headed down to the sheep shed. The sheep/wool industry isn’t particularly large in Canada so I found this pretty interesting. In the classroom we. Looked at,different breeds of sheep and different stages of the wool during processing. In the afternoon we headed out to learn how to draft sheep in the boiling Australian sun and then tip sheep!

The second day was spent with pigs, similar breeds between Aus and Canada. However the barn I’m used to at home is a shower-in shower-out facility and this one was open air.
we learned how to draft pigs and restrain them using a mouth snare. The fact I found most interesting about the Aus swine industry is that the immuno-castration vaccine was developed here and is used quite commonly!

Beef cattle day was taught about 1 1/2 hours away in Mansfield while it rained. I need to investigate more about DSE… dry stocking equilibrium (I think?) a concept developed by the Aus government. We spent time in the paddocks practicing our low stress handling.


The last day was dairy cattle, my favorite! We woke up quite early to see a rotary parlour in action before heading to a double herringbone parlour. Dairy cattle here are rotationally grazed between each milking! Last stop of the day was to a new robot dairy!

It was a great week of meeting a ton of people, getting back into barns and making some memories πŸ™‚

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