New Digs!

Easter weekend is finally here! With that, I’m on my autumn break, so I have a bit of time to catch up online. Since I don’t have my best friends or my family here for the holidays I decided to write a post with them in mind. Knowing that my parents and my grandmas are quite curious about where I’m living I decided to fill you in on my apartment….


Here is the hallway to our front door. On the left you can see the doors into the bedrooms and the bathroom. We are on the 3rd floor of our apartment building.


This is our kitchen, floor to ceiling window walls lead out to the balcony. We have a small oven with a couple of burners and an apartment sized fridge. Yes, that is my cow cup on the table. No way I was leaving Canada without that! I must drink my daily 6 cups of tea somehow.


The bathroom (yes, I did clean all the rooms before I took these pictures haha). Thank you to everyone who has sent me videos of massive Australian spiders crawling out of toilets, that is now what I think of every time I go in here!

Here is my bedroom, I got the bigger bedroom/closet but the smaller bed. I typically haven’t liked studying in the same place that I sleep, but so far it is working out okay. The decorations on my wall are all pictures of my friends at home πŸ™‚ There’s a little Tim/Wendys, some selfies, some Cano Palma, some animals, a few travel pics, and a lot of great memories!!


Now this is where the magic happens! My desk, all the studying and the learning! I’m loving my classes and the learning material. Of course I’m excited for more of the practical and hands on work that I will be doing in my final years. But for now, it still feels like a dream every time I look up and think “I’m going to be a doctor.” The classes have not been too hard yet, we have spent quite a lot of time studying the digestive system. I’ve seen some really cool digestive tracts, including a kangaroo! IMG_0126

Lastly, our balcony is one of my favourite spots! It allows us to crack a window and let in fresh air, and on nice days we can sit on our outdoor couch and soak up the sun! Here is our view! It is even more spectacular at night when all the city lights are on and the ferris wheel and Bolte bridge are changing colors!


That’s it for today! Happy Easter everyone, wish you were here!

5 thoughts on “New Digs!

  1. Great pictures Ileana! Looks like you have quite a nice place for yourself. I bet your brain is very confused right now with the seasons. I know I would be confused!


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